SSN 661 Images

Images submitted by:
Ron Warnick, ET1(SS)

The following images were taken at 114 O'Canoe Place, Hampton, VA, where a group of us lived during the construction period in 1967.
Additional comments in italics by Chuck Peterson.

Ron Warnick astride a bike (not his).
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Fred Hess, Chuck Petterson, Darald Dykeman, and George Ondriska on their bikes.

Fred Hess on BSA Lightning,
Chuck Petterson on a 250cc BMW,
Darald Dykeman on 250 cc Suzuki, George Ondriska on 650 cc Triumph.
Part of the O'Canoe Place gang. We had 7 guys with 6 cars and 6 motorcycles.

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Darald Dykeman in the living room.
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Bill Lefave and his car. He also had a bike.

"Fifi" Lefave.
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Fred Hess and bike in the front yard.
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Bob Douglas in his car.

There is a 426 hemi under that hood.
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