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Rest your oars, Whitey Mack.
    It is with heavy heart I report on the passing of Chester M. (Whitey) Mack, Captain, USN (Ret.), first commanding officer of Lapon. No other person in my life impressed on me the worth of trust and the advantages gained by surrounding oneself with superior talents. In my mind I can think of no greater position of responsibility than that of ship captain. Whitey took us into harms way and brought us back home. That was his task and he did it well.

  Whitey passed at 1819 EDT, Sept. 25, at a hospice near Englewood, Florida.

  Say a prayer tonight for the soul of Whitey Mack, his wife, Joan, and their children. "Oh hear us when we call to thee, for those in peril on the sea"

Chuck Petterson
president, Lapon Association


Chester M. "Whitey" Mack, 77, of Englewood, Fla., passed away Thursday, Sept. 25, 2008.

    He was born July 20, 1931, in Glen Lyon, Pa.

    Whitey and his beloved wife, Joan, moved to Englewood in 1995 from North, Va. He was a highly decorated U.S. Navy captain with 20 years of service. He had a chemical engineering degree from Penn State, and master's degree in international law from Georgetown University. He was a member of the American Legion, Military Officers Association of America of Sarasota, Fla., the USS Lapon Association; and a life member of U.S. Submarine Veterans.

    Whitey will be greatly missed by his wife of 53 years, Joan; daughters, Karen Mack of Montclair, N.J., and Valerie (Mark) Sadler of Odessa, Fla.; son, Brian (Karen) Mack of Louisa, Va.; three grandchildren, Victoria Rose, Kristen Nicole and Brianna Leigh; brother, Simon Makarewicz of Virginia; and sister, Barbara Makarewicz of Pennsylvania.

In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to:

TideWell Hospice and Palliative Care
12050 N. Access Road
Port Charlotte, FL 33981

Arrangements were made in Port Charlotte, Fla.

Message from the President
August 2008:

    I hope 2008 is going well for you and yours. Sadly, we have been receiving news of departed or seriously ill shipmates since the last reunion. Whether or not you were a lay leader on the boat your prayers for all will be appreciated.

    At the Las Vegas gathering Ray Zieverink volunteered to organize the 2009 reunion. I will leave the descriptive details to Ray, but I have seen the plans and the accommodations and I think this might be the best reunion venue so far. Ray coerced his wife and a few shipmates into helping him do on-site visits to various South Carolina Beach resorts, so Ray had some help with that tough task.

    Once again your Association is asking you to share any names, addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers of shipmates who have changed said data recently.

    Go out and buy a 2009 calendar TODAY! Mark the reunion dates as soon as you get back home. Tell your boss you don’t need to hear any sniveling excuses why YOU have to be in the office/at the plant those days. Make your reservations early then call your shipmate tree and get your buddies to sign up.

yer prez

chuck petterson
Awarded National Defense Service Medal, 1963
USS Lapon 2009 Reunion ANNOUNCEMENT

Lapon Shipmates,
Your Lapon 2009 Reunion Committee has been working since early 2008 looking at different resort sites in the Myrtle Beach area of South Carolina.

We are pleased to announced that the USS Lapon Association will have their 2009 reunion at the Landmark Resort, September 24-27 in Myrtle Beach, SC.

The reunion page of the web site has all the pertinent information including Landmark Resort rates, registration fee and Saturday evening buffet dinner costs. On the reunion page you can also download the event registration form. This form is available as either a PDF file (.pdf) or a Microsoft Word file (.doc). On the reunion page you will also find links for both the Landmark Resort and the Myrtle Beach Area.

I cannot emphasize enough 'Our Prez' comment above about passing on this information to your Lapon buddies who not have 'signed-up' on the Lapon Web site as of August 14, 2008. I have approximately 400 Lapon Shipmate e-mail addresses that this e-mail will be going out to. Over the 25 years of Lapon life, there are still alot of shipmates missing from our web site. Please help us by letting know of the reunion and the web site.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to Richard Corey, 68-71 IC3 SS, his wife MaryAnn, John Hazard, 74-78 ET2 SS, his wife Karen and my wife Linda for their help in selecting resort site and dinner menu.

We look forward to seeing everyone in September 2009 at Myrtle Beach, SC. bring your beach chairs/towels, bathing suites for the water is normally still warm enough to take a dip in.

that's it for now.

Raymond Zieverink
USS Lapon SSN661
67-70 STS2 (SS)
Plank Owner

Sail Dedication Commemorative Coin:

This coin/medal commemorates
the dedication of the Lapon Sail this past July in Springfield Missouri at American Legion Post 639.

If you desire a coin/medal,
please send $20.00 (US) to:

Ed McCarthy
6177 Meursalt Rd.
Milton Fl. 32570

Make checks out to Lapon Association.

It would be good to e-mail Ed at (SKCMSS@aol.com) to let him know your request is in the mail.
Please copy Jim Grilli (jgrilli@comcast.net) including your name and address.
Jim will be mailing the coin/medal to you once he gets word from Ed that payment has been made.
While they last, Jim will enclose a USS Lapon patch as a bonus.

Message from the President
July 2005:

  The USS Lapon Association was formed October 21, 2000, to perpetuate the memory of two fine submarines, SS 260 and SSN 661. The crew of the 260 served gallantly in WWII. The 661 made a mark for itself during the Cold War years.

  I personally extend my welcome to all Lapon sailors. One of the prime missions of the association is to identify all Lapon officers and crew. To date Association members have put a great deal of effort into locating shipmates. Our ultimate goal is to have all former shipmates become members of the association

  Lapon sailors enjoyed a fantastic reunion in 2000, at Virginia Beach, followed by a Cruise aboard the MS Sensation in 2003 and our latest reunion, July 2005 in Springfield, MO. Check out the smiles on all of the faces on our reunion page. Our reunions are also a big hit with Lapon family members. We have had wives, children, grandchildren, in-laws, outlaws, and girl friends in attendance and all of them have enjoyed our parties.

  In July of 2005 we were honored by the Ozark-Runner Base of USSVI in Springfield, Missouri by the placement of the 661 sail on the property of American Legion Post 639. This was a tremendous undertaking on the part of the SubVets and a generous donation of the land by the Legionaries. Although the sail is in place and the dedication complete, there is still a "boatload" of work remaining, and all of this work will need financing.

  Men, The Sub Vets have heaped a great honor on us. We can thank them for this honor by helping with the costs. The Sub Vets are selling Memorial bricks to establish need funds for improvements and maintenance. I urge you to buy a "Lapon" brick for $100. $50 of this purchase price goes into a fund that WE control and will be used for future improvements. To date we have spent $300 for the USS Lapon sign board along with another $900 for lighting up the sail. We want to fund a granite marker outlining the history of the 661. It would also be nice to fund a similar marker for the 260.

For more information and to order a brick, visit:

Chuck Petterson

Former MM1(SS)
Plankowner, SSN 661
President, USS Lapon Association

2007 Reunion Plans

2007 Reunion Announced!!

The next Lapon reunion will be held
September 27-30th 2007 in Las Vegas at the
Riviera Hotel and Casino!

For more info - Click Here

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